Launched in 2018, a travel app aimed to revolutionize the travel industry by connecting travelers directly with service providers such as accommodations and restaurants, thereby eliminating intermediaries like and traditional travel agents. Despite its innovative approach, the platform struggled significantly. It attracted few users and those who joined interacted minimally. Moreover, the platform faced challenges in signing up accommodations and restaurants, finding it nearly impossible to compete with established Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) that offered convenience and extensive options.


Facing potential bankruptcy due to its inability to generate sufficient revenue and burdened with significant funding debts and loans, the company recognized the need for a drastic change. Our consultancy was tasked with reevaluating the business model and exploring viable strategic alternatives. Through comprehensive market analysis and user feedback, it became evident that while the direct booking model was not resonating, there was a strong community interest in sharing and consuming travel-related content.


With these insights, we guided the app’s pivot from a booking platform to a travel content sharing platform. This new direction focused on leveraging the existing community by enhancing user engagement through shared experiences, reviews, and tips. We implemented features that encouraged active participation and content creation, transforming the app into a valuable resource for travelers.


The pivot redefined the app’s value proposition, leading to increased user engagement and revenue generation from content-related advertisements and partnerships. Within a year, the platform started generating modest profits, catching the attention of a major travel booking portal.


This strategic shift not only saved the company from financial ruin but also positioned it attractively for acquisition. The founders successfully exited the venture with a decent profit, repaid all loans and returned investments to their financiers, closing this challenging chapter on a highly positive note after nearly five years of struggles. This case exemplifies the critical importance of agility in business optimization and problem-solving within dynamic markets.